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TEn Top Tips for Creating a Compliant Promotion

Promotions are a great way to get your business and products noticed and can come in many forms from flyers to digital adverts across the internet.

As with any advertising, you must ensure everything you do is compliant.

We have put together our top tips to keep in mind when creating your promotion below.

1. Think about your target audience. Define who they are, perhaps creating prospect profiles for specific products.

2. Make sure your information is easy to understand. It needs to be sufficient, yet clear to your audience. Avoid jargon as this will confuse an audience that is not financially minded.

3. Consider what your audience want and need to know about the product or cover. Make sure all details are concise accurate and easy to understand. Extract words from insurer promotions where possible.

4. If the promotion is for a specific product, service, or type of cover, make sure you are clear on exactly what it is. Is it clear what you are showcasing is suitable for the customer and what need of theirs is it meeting?

5. Beware suggestions the product or service is free of charge, when in fact there are charges. Be transparent and not misleading, include and explain all charges.

6. Is the advert easy to read? Is the text in an easy to read font size and on a background that is not obscuring or making it hard to read/ disguised?

7. Is the required commitment made clear? Are there any drawbacks or exclusions? For example, are there penalties for withdrawing the insurance early? If so, these conditions must be stated. Will the audience understand the risk, or have you softened it by disguising, diminishing, or obscuring important statements or warnings?

8. Have you ensured you can verify all claims and statements within your promotion? Avoid potentially misleading and unverifiable claims such as “we will secure you the lowest price” etc.

9. Does the promotion mention a guarantee? If so, is it easy to understand and fair to say that it is guaranteed? Is it a guarantee in the sense the customer might understand?

10. Overall, is the promotion fair, clear and not misleading? Put yourself in the customers’ shoes when reviewing, or ask someone else outside of the industry to explain the promotion to you.

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