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Social networking for insurance brokers

The natural reaction to the suggestion of social networking for many brokers will be… “I’m in insurance, nobody ever wants to socialise with me.”  Alas this can be all too true.

At parties, in days gone, by I used to say that I was in IT - which was true - except everybody then wanted to talk about the problems they’d been having with their PC or, worse, their printer.  I then developed the self-preserving habit of declaring myself in IT, but with a strong insurance bias - which was true.  Most times this was not enough to put people off and we’d get around to their printer problems a few minutes later than before.

Now I tell them that I’m in insurance - which is true - and if they don’t recoil immediately, I add… commercial insurance.  Obviously, if I like the look of them, then I tell them something entirely different - which may not be always true.

Anyway, the point is, that insurance people and social networking are rather unlikely bedfellows.  Indeed, given most people’s reaction to the news that one is involved in insurance, it is a miracle that anybody within the industry ever marries outside it.

How insurance brokers can - or can’t - exploit social networking sites for business purposes is a topic that we shall return in due course.

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Site map coming fairly soon... the New Year probably.

The site map will be an aid to navigation around our various websites. Of course, these sites have just undergone a major structural update and things are still changing.

So, it’s a bit like when a supermarket periodically shifts things around, either, just for the hell of it, or, because they have decided to squeeze in a click & collect point, where the bread used to be.

As stuff relocates, consequently, leaving the signs above the ends of the aisles as they were before, could become confusing.

Our current situation here is very similar.

Mind you, whether before or after the reorganisation, you can never find the Tahini paste. You always have to ask.