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No Glass Ceilings

On average, women in the insurance sector are paid 35% less than their male counterparts (1) Surely this is nothing but blatant discrimination.

Not only do women have to fight for their right to be where they are, working hard and gaining professional qualifications, but, also, learning to be ruthless and reduce their natural qualities so that they fit in as ‘one of the lads’.

Of course, it’s always possible to lead a double life when it comes to working as an insurance broker, but, at the end of the day, there are plenty of reasons for women to seek a drastic change, including: -

  • Being overlooked for promotion
  • Finding career prospects limited
  • Seriously unequal pay (35%!)
  • Inflexible working in the context of family life

We understand that being a woman in the insurance industry things can be tough. As the leading broker network for start-up brokers, we strive to help anyone and everyone who seeks another life on the ‘independent’ side of the fence. Frustratingly just 10% of our members’ principal directors are women and we’d really like it to be more.

Starting your own firm and joining TEn as an Appointed Representative (AR) can help women re-dress those aforementioned inequalities and inflexibilities. Put simply, women ain’t going to discriminate against themselves.

Believe us, it can be done. All that’s needed are a few years’ experience, ideally some CII qualifications and a good business plan; not to mention some clients and prospects who are likely follow after the term of any restrictive covenants expires. No need to worry about securing markets, as TEn has these relationships already established. No need to worry about a back-office either, because that’s what we do.

Becoming an AR means that women can work for themselves, control their own destiny and, most importantly, have a career that achieves what they want to achieve, with the flexibility to accommodate family commitments.

Not only does TEn provide FCA regulation and compliance, an accounts department, marketing support, broking teams and an IT helpdesk, we also offer women the freedom of working for themselves, without the glass ceilings.

1 (Source: Mending the talent gap, March 2015, Women’s Business Council: Government Equalities office)

Author: Megan Blackham

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