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Further Growth in Manchester

TEn Insurance Services is pleased to announce the annexation of additional office space adjacent to its existing premises in Manchester.

Four new members of staff have arrived during September in Manchester, two of them joining our broking teams and two more adding to the Accounts Dept, which is primarily based in Princes Risborough (Bucks). More people are being sought in the coming weeks.

The company was originally based in Aylesbury (Bucks) from 2005, opening in Manchester in the winter of 2008/9. In 2012, the southern Head Office moved 7 miles to Princes Risborough and an office in Glasgow was opened in the summer of 2017.

In early 2018, a flexible office space was added in Sutton Coldfield, intended to house the Personal Lines Department (PLD). However, following the unanticipated availability of extra space in Manchester soon thereafter and, again more recently, Sutton Coldfield has been abandoned as an option for development.

According to TEn Operations Director, Paul Sykes, “2019 has been a perfect storm of sad retirements and happy arrivals, the latter with consequent maternity leave. So, our population in the South is reducing and we are replacing and adding in Manchester, simply because it seems to be a better catchment area for finding new staff when you need them.

Whilst Princes Risborough will remain our largest office for the foreseeable future, it is better from a Business Continuity perspective, to work towards three or four more equal locations. If truth be told, we probably had too many eggs in the one basket until about a year ago. And much better going forward.”

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