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Frequently asked questions

When a Broker contacts TEn, they, of course, have a number of questions they would like us to answer. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions below.

What does it mean to be an AR?

An Appointed Representative is a person who undertakes regulated activities as an agent of a firm that is Directly Authorised and acts as a Principal. In this case we, TEn, are the Principal.

What level of experience/ qualifications do I need to be accepted by TEn?

At TEn we want to ensure both we are the right fit for you, and you for us. We expect our applicants to have no less than five years’ general and commercial insurance experience.

Whilst qualifications are desirable, a strong CV and wealth of experience will be more than enough to make you a suitable applicant.

What are the main benefits of joining TEn?

Joining TEn means you have a team behind you from the outset. The moment you decide TEn is the right fit for you, you will have a dedicated team of experienced professionals to help you at every step of your journey.

TEn take care of the back-office functions of your business, allowing you to have more time with your customers.

What’s more, we have strong relationships with key insurers in a variety of markets. Becoming a member of TEn means you benefit from this from the moment you begin placing business.

Is it true that TEn are owned by the employees?

Yes it is, and because we are a majority employee owned company, all of the staff at TEn have a vested interest in not only TEn’s success as a company but the success of your business too.

How will TEn support me?

Whilst working with TEn, you will have a dedicated Broking Technician and Broker Inspection and Development Manager (BIDM).

Your Broking Technician will be your first point of call for all the risks you would like to quote and place.

Your BIDM will maintain regular contact with you and offer advice and support across key areas of your business. Alongside helping you to expand your business, your BIDM will also support you with advice on market advice and placement strategies.

At TEn you will also benefit from our I.T. helpdesk, who are on hand to answer your queries and help solve any technical problems you may experience.

How experienced are the team at TEn?

At TEn, we have experienced staff in every aspect of the business. From the Broking teams to the Compliance Department, we have people ready to help you.

The broking teams at TEn are spread over 3 geographical locations and consist of over 30 Account Handlers with vast experience in a variety of both broker and insurer settings.

What broking system will I use?

At TEn, we use the market-leading software, Acturis.

Upon joining TEn, you will receive full Acturis training, plus regular ongoing advice on best practise and process’.

Do my customers remain my own?

Your customers will always remain your own.

If you have any questions we haven’t answered or are interested in learning more about TEn, please get in contact.

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