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Findbroker Update

This month has seen some further development on our Findbroker site

With the creation of Personal Lines Department in early 2018, and the majority of our AR’s signing up, it was time for Findbroker to be updated with the newly allocated selection of phone numbers.

When an AR signs up to the Personal Lines Department they are given a dedicated 0333 telephone number and our team in Sutton Coldfield will answer on their behalf.

Until the fore mentioned recent development work, Findbroker only featured office and mobile numbers (as well as non-phone-based contact details too). Now you will see each AR’s PLD number alongside a question mark, this informs the user that this number should be called for all personal insurance queries. This move streamlines the process for the AR.

Personal Insurance enquiries from Findbroker can now be dealt with directly by TEn saving AR’s time, whilst still making them money!

Visit Findbroker Here

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Site map coming fairly soon... the New Year probably.

The site map will be an aid to navigation around our various websites. Of course, these sites have just undergone a major structural update and things are still changing.

So, it’s a bit like when a supermarket periodically shifts things around, either, just for the hell of it, or, because they have decided to squeeze in a click & collect point, where the bread used to be.

As stuff relocates, consequently, leaving the signs above the ends of the aisles as they were before, could become confusing.

Our current situation here is very similar.

Mind you, whether before or after the reorganisation, you can never find the Tahini paste. You always have to ask.