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Messerschmitts & heinkels

I attended a recent Question Time event in London, run by Insurance Age and sponsored by Axa.  It was a pleasant and interesting evening and, indeed, the following buffet and the choices of wine weren’t too bad either. Inevitably a question was asked of the panel and Amanda Blanc in particular about commission disclosure. I think one could say that the panel claimed to be open minded in relation to this issue, however, the audience seemed largely unpersuaded about the comparisons and analogies used…

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Commission disclosure - dead donkey or wooden horse?

Industry figures, particularly those from bigger brokers and continental owned insurers, cannot but periodically help themselves but to venture once again to suggest the professional benefits of mandatory commission disclosure.  This is despite the FSA in its twilight years having commissioned two consultancy studies to prove the case in favour; they failed to do so both times.   I think I am right in saying that every client of a TEn member with an annual spend in excess of £100k on insurance -…

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