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Talbot Jones Achieve Chartered Status

Talbot Jones achieves Chartered Status - A case study of their success

TEn are pleased to announce that at the start of this year, Talbot Jones Ltd achieved Chartered Status as an Insurance Firm, becoming the second TEn Member to do so.

As an AR Network, encouraging, supporting and celebrating our Members achievements is of great importance to us.

Richard Talbot-Jones, Managing Director of Talbot Jones’ ambition since early in his career was to work in a chartered firm. His passion for excellence and continued professional development led to his significant involvement with his local Insurance Institute and dedication to his own learning.

We caught up with Richard to see just how they managed this great achievement and how it has shaped their business going forward.

The Beginning

From the outset of launching Talbot Jones we had our sights on, and worked towards, chartered status.

Clare Talbot Jones, who was new to the industry, quickly achieved her Cert CII qualification in order to strengthen our application for chartered status and gain an introductory level of knowledge. This also led to Clare discovering a love of risk management.

Shortly after Clare achieved her Cert CII designation, Richard got his final Advanced Diploma marks and notification that he had completed his ACII and achieved individual chartered status. Our qualifications were all completed in 2016, a year after we launched the business.

Working Towards Chartered Status

We spent 2 years preparing our business for corporate chartered status.

Throughout 2017-2018 we worked towards earning the Equality Standard, which provided a helpful framework within which to develop the sound, meaningful and relevant policies required to meet the chartered standards.

It helped build useful connections and relationships among our target market and resulted in several relevant award short listings that further built our credibility, including the Top Specialist Broker list, HSBC Forward Ladies Diversity Champion and the North East Equality awards.

We are hugely honoured and excited to be awarded chartered status at the earliest opportunity in our business, three years in. As one of only three chartered firms in our region, it really makes us stand out.

Success since becoming Chartered

In March we achieved five times our new business target for the month. It reflects a very tangible shift of trust and respect, due to our new accreditation. Larger and more established organisations are suddenly approaching us, and amazing opportunities are opening up. Our network has been amazingly excited to celebrate our achievement with us which has led to much more engagement on social media, greatly increasing our reach and impact.

The reasoning behind the work

We wanted to acquire chartered status, as the values of excellence and integrity reflect what is important to us. The extent of the impact our status has brought us has been unexpected and overwhelming and we are excited about what the future holds for Talbot Jones Ltd.

Richard Talbot Jones, Managing Director at Talbot Jones Ltd

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