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Still Working, but from Home

TEn Insurance Services wishes to reassure everybody that it is very much business as usual during the Coronavirus Isolation period, albeit with everybody working from home.

As probably the majority of TEn ARs already work from a Home Office, there is absolutely nothing new for them about the current circumstances. On occasions previously, most TEn staff have worked from home for a few days at least, generally when it snows, or they were expecting someone to come and fix the dishwasher.

This time the period will be somewhat more extended, but everything continues to work as normal, the I.T. infrastructure and the VOIP (Voice Over IP) phones.

Comments TEn MD Dawn Derbyshire: -

“I am incredibly proud of our I.T. department who provided an almost seamless transfer to home working. I am also extremely proud of all our staff for adapting their work and home life to suit our new way of working.

We are managing to do almost everything we would normally do, apart from face-to-face meetings and visits around the country.”

Meanwhile, our thoughts are with one of our ARs, in hospital fighting Covid-19 at the time of writing. We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

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Site map coming fairly soon... the New Year probably.

The site map will be an aid to navigation around our various websites. Of course, these sites have just undergone a major structural update and things are still changing.

So, it’s a bit like when a supermarket periodically shifts things around, either, just for the hell of it, or, because they have decided to squeeze in a click & collect point, where the bread used to be.

As stuff relocates, consequently, leaving the signs above the ends of the aisles as they were before, could become confusing.

Our current situation here is very similar.

Mind you, whether before or after the reorganisation, you can never find the Tahini paste. You always have to ask.