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Neill Robson Returns to TEn as Director

The TEn network is delighted to reveal that Neill Robson, the founder of our 12th (ish) ever Appointed Representative, returns to the fold as our new Broker Relationship Director.

Neill and TEn first became acquainted in the Autumn of 2005, whilst he was working as an Account Executive and Branch Manager for a Broker, based in Castle Douglas. Subsequently, Neill founded Complete Insurance Solutions Ltd (CISL) in the Spring of 2006 and, simultaneously, joined TEn as an AR.

CISL began trading as a one-man-band from a home-office in Dalbeattie and grew to employ four people and occupy its own owned office space nearby.

Ultimately, Neill realised that he had limited scope for further expansion and/or acquisition in his semi-rural location and, consequently, he sold the business to a large national broker in early 2018.

Neil has, since the sale, worked happily for the purchaser as an Account Exec, but now, he is looking forward to bringing his 35 years of industry experience to back TEn in a different way from before. He is, in fact, the second former AR who has returned to TEn during 2021, in an AR relationship capacity.

Comments TEn Managing Director, Dawn Derbyshire:

“We were all heart-broken a few years ago when Neill told us about his intention to sell CISL, although his decision at the time was clearly the right one for him and his family. Now, I am so pleased that the opportunity to welcome him back into the fold has presented itself and we were able to grab it.

He brings a tremendous amount to the party besides the output of any distilleries local to his part of Scotland.”

Although the role of Broker Relationship Director is a national one, Neill will be spending at least some of his time based in and around the TEn Glasgow office.

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The site map will be an aid to navigation around our various websites. Of course, these sites have just undergone a major structural update and things are still changing.

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