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A Personal Lines Department

TEn Insurance Services, the AR network for small and start-up brokers, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Personal Lines Department. This follows on from and compliments the establishment of a Private Clients Team, located in Princes Risborough, since September 2017.

TEn was itself launched as a purely Commercial insurance network in 2005, but had begun to support High Net Worth business before the end its first year. EDI type policies were outsourced to a company then known as Outright, which was subsequently purchased by Fortis/Ageas.

By 2010, TEn had added Motor and Household quotation/ EDI markets to its own systems, thus enabling its members to handle any Personal Lines transactions themselves, as an accommodation for their primarily Commercial clients. Over time, the volume of this business grew steadily, from very little to more than expected.

For most of its members, TEn has introduced its Personal Lines Department as a service, enabling its brokers to say to their clients, “I can put you through to my Personal Lines Department, which will deal directly with your needs.” Although client ownership will remain with each broker, the quotation, take-up and transaction will be carried out by dedicated and specifically trained TEn staff.

Other members, more accustomed to dealing with Personal Lines themselves, will be able to continue, provided they adopt an approved infrastructure including call-recording. They can then use The Personal Lines Department as a referral point and a broking team, as is the case with the Private Clients Team and Commercial Teams.

The newly appointed Head of Personal Lines is Carl Jones, who has himself been the principal of a member broker. Mr Jones’s background, however, has been very Personal Lines and Call Centre based, at a management level. Two other members of staff joined in Sutton Coldfield on the 2nd January and one more is expected before Easter.

Comments TEn director James Sharp; “This particular initiative has been on the cards since 2014, but everything is a question of timing. And this is the right time.

I have no doubt that this service will be welcomed by our existing members, whilst simultaneously helping to attract small and, currently, directly regulated brokers, towards the TEn AR proposition. These established firms typically hold a fair proportion of EDI business, which needs to be incorporated into an overall solution.

By centralising Personal Lines into a centre of excellence, we can improve steadily on the rates and discounts we receive from insurers, thus helping to retain GWP in the broker channel. Unsurprisingly, local clients sourced through local brokers is better qualified and rather more profitable for our partner markets.”

The Personal Lines Department will start to transact business from February; and then scale-up during the second quarter and beyond.

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