Find Us

Southern Office

Unit D1, Regent Park
Summerleys Road
Princes Risborough
HP27 9LE

01844 340 210

Northern Office

Hanover House
Charlotte Street
M1 4FD

0161 300 6666

Scotland Office

Centrum House
38 Queen Street
G1 3DX

0141 404 8500

tips on how to find us

If you are visiting our office in Manchester, you will find us literally surrounded by Chinese restaurants, about 250 metres from a car park around the corner in Faulkner Street. There is parking for a couple of hours right outside, if you have the cash or the app.

Also, we are roughly 900 metres walk from the main entrance to Piccadilly Station.

The route along Canal St is particularly illuminating.

Should you be visiting our Princes Risborough office and navigating using a sat/nav, then we historically found that inputting our postcode would take you to somewhere completely different, depending upon the age of your system. Perhaps less of a problem these days.

Finding a parking space on the business park also used to be a major issue, but since COVID, not so much. Actually, the scarcity of parking spaces, has been suggested as the most interesting thing that ever happened in the town.

We are barely 10 minutes walk from Princes Risborough station.

In Glasgow the main thing is to wrap up really warm and carry an umbrella. Well, that’s wind velocity permitting of course.

Inevitably, we are about 10 minutes walk from Central Station.

En route, you should pass a statue of the Duke of Wellington, on a horse, with a traffic cone on his head. If, however, after 10 minutes you don’t see that, then ask somebody to direct you to the traffic cone statue. Because you will be very close when you get there.

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