Our Business Partners

At TEn, we have carefully selected our business partners. Choosing those that we believe will not only give us the best service, but provide our members with the best experience too.

We have worked with most of our partners for many years - some of them from our very beginnings - and have built up strong and enduring relationships.

Technology Suppliers

Acturis Software & ASP Services

Acturis is TEn’s chosen software and broking platform.

Acturis, the software supplier for TEn

It is an intuitive system, which meets the needs of everyone in TEn’s model of an Appointed Representative Network.

The ambition when selecting our software provider was, to streamline everyone’s day-to- day way of working, for the benefit of our Member ARs and our staff alike.

Acturis is a market leading system that boasts simple integrations, handy CRM functionality and effective ways of working with our premium finance partners. Plus, it is of great assistance when checking that everyone is remaining FCA compliant.

These are but a few of the features that make this broking platform the perfect fit for TEn.

Web Development

Active MediaForge

In 2004, TEn needed a local company - in Aylesbury - to design its first web presence before it went to market.

Active MediaForge’s response to a challenge and its attention to detail has paved the way for a working strong relationship to this day.

As TEn has grown, AMF remained innovative and resourceful in its delivery of our content management systems and bespoke web applications – the latest addition to TEn’s website family is findbroker.insure.

We also recommend Active Media Forge to our ARs, should they need a website designed.

Premium Financiers

Close Premium Finance

TEn’s choice of Premium Finance partner probably needs not a lot of further explanation or justification.

However, it is perhaps not a bad idea to expand a little on the significance of Premium Financing to TEn at this stage.

Premium Finance is, on one level, simply a means by which instalment premiums can be collected. On another level, it is also a way in which the time consuming activity of collecting client monies can be outsourced to a specialist organisation.

One that has the process worked out… down to a fine art.

FCA Compliance Advisors

Create Solutions Ltd

Since 2002, Create Solutions has provided specialist compliance support and training services to general insurance brokers, insurers, claims management companies and networks alike.

Widely regarded as market experts, Create works closely with its clients to keep them safe and inform them of frequent regulatory changes. The company works hard to manage and reduce their clients’ regulatory risks and to simplify the complex issues they face.

The directors of Create Solutions have spent their whole working lives in the General Insurance market and , together with all of their consultants, they are CII professionally qualified.

E-Learning and CPD

RWA E-Learning

In 2017, TEn partnered with RWA to access its excellent e-learning services, both for its own staff and for network members and their employees to benefit from. Specifically, it is the Aviva branded Learning Zone we use.

For over 13 years, RWA e-Learning, has been building online learning and assessment solutions.

Focusing on formative learning, identifying learning needs and providing on-line learning solutions, whilst simultaneously engaging the learner with their own personal and professional development in the workplace.

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