TEn Insurance Broker Network

TEn is a network of insurance brokers that places the interests of the end-user client first and foremost, then the interests of its members run a close second. All other thoughts and actions come some way below and behind these two overriding considerations.

In a nutshell, that is who we are.

ten.insure, this website, consists of several parts, or, more accurately, three subsidiary sites. Additionally, findbroker.insure sits off to one side, focused on helping potential clients find a TEn member to contact and to work with.

Rather like this in fact: -

ten.insure, which is where you are, is what you might call our generalised corporate landing site. teninsurance.co.uk is the place to go if you are thinking about joining our network. teninsurance.com is a resource towards which our members point their clients, to demonstrate they are part of a larger whole.

That’s a whole with a W, as opposed to one without!

Site map coming soon...